Session Times (3 hours each): 9am 1pm 6pm

10 attendees per session only. 

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5 Nat Thomas Street, Penneshaw Kangaroo Island  SA 5222

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* Become More Competitive

* Achieve Greater Efficiencies

* Increase Sales

* Improve Profit Margins

2021 Monthly Topic Schedule:  (4 repeat sessions/month (3 time sessions each Wednesday listed)

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Improving        Expanding           Money            Streamlining      Lean                     Creating

Engagement   Your Reach          Matters          Processes          Synchronisation  a Team of 

for Increased  for Diversity        to Make          so you can          for Greater          Value for  

Sales and        of Markets           the Most        Holiday more     Efficiencies          Best 

Satisfaction     and Security       Earlier                                                                     Outcomes

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The Whole       A Future                Finding          Holistic              Partnerships:      Risk 

Picture             of Distinction:       Time:             Life:                    Setup,                  Management:

Model:              Evolving The         Achieve         Defining             Structure,           Simplifying

Tapping            Leader Within       More             Balance              Security              the Path of 

into hidden      You, to Enhance    with Less      in Business        & Sanity             Protection

Resources       Earning Potential                         and Life

From the time we begin our schooling years we are trained to conform to structured settings.  One side of the brain usually becomes more dominant and our freedom to create can be redirected to satisfy the demands of the everyday.  We were born to be creative though, and it is the creatives who set the pace of the world and how we function, for without such creativity we would run out of ideas and innovative pathways to move forward as a society.  Only approximately 10% of the world is engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits.  To take this leap away from the everyday norms, of relying on an employer to direct your thinking patterns, it takes courage and a free spirit.  Becoming an entrepreneur requires the ability to tame the spirit enough to create structures, which co-ordinate systems for effective operations, which may often feel as though this process stifles the original passion you began with to some degree.  WWW help you to reconnect with your spirit of freedom and dream again of where your business adventure can take you, while assisting you to find clarity of the pathways which work best for you and your creativity, rather than a generic pattern.


We are in a whole new age where the world is your oyster, if you simply have the insight and resources to know how to make this new frontier work in your favour. The WWW team will not only assist you to find the gaps in your company development, you might have overlooked or simply didn't know existed, they will help you fill them with easy to use concepts and tools about set topics.     The Wave Wednesday Workshops are conducted differently to the humdrum everyday business gatherings.  Here are only a few reasons why...


  1. There are no 'fandangled' mysteries to discover and no boring templates to complete.  We don't bombard you with paperwork (that is old school). 

  2. You don't need to know or understand digital technology to be involved, instead we help you to become aware of what to know, when you need it and how you can utilise not just whizz toys, but the basics, to ensure your journey can weather the storms better and brace for the changes coming.  We want you to reach your destination, but first of all you need to set your sails in the right direction and develop a map for added focus. 

  3. We don't throw ten million words at you to overwhelm you with information overload, because we know you get enough of that in your everyday.  Instead, we join forces with you for 3 whole hours and work through where you are at, where you want to be and how you can get there earlier rather than later.  

  4. There will be no boring speakers creating only white noise.

  5. There will not be any happy clappy hyped up and often awkward vibes being created,

  6. Instead, the goals are to stimulate interaction, intrigue, and intervention.  The aims are  to stop you from continuing old habits that can be stifling you and help you to proceed through the challenges ahead with calm and a sense of freedom.

                                                             All the rivers run into the sea...

































Each WWW gathering has a specific focus.  Your attendance will motivate, enthuse and entice you to want to know more and more and more.  Your perspective of the world will change.  If you think it is only round, wait until you join the movement.  Don't delay, get on board today and find out how you can make things happen the way you always dreamed.  Come as yourself.  Wear comfortable attire (closed in shoes and collars needed for the venue purposes only), but you will be moving - so energy will be required. 

It takes a certain type of spirit to step into the jungle of entrepreneurship.  Somewhere along the way it can be easy to lose your way or your energy.  This is often because you may have lost a little or a lot of the wild and free mentality you encompassed when you began.  Before you can ride each wave of change with zest you sometimes simply need to find the spark of creativity that may have appeared to have escaped you.  Trust us, you still have it.  You just need  to be able to open your mind more.  To be entrepreneurial in all your pursuits you need to have the freedom to be be still and the capability to innovate.   


Age, income, health, education, culture or a varied other amount of differences can be used as excuses to block you, or they can be your reason for being.  Those who have vision do not have excuses for not making the grade, they use everything to their favour as reasons of how and why they make it.  Time to get WILD and discover all you can be! 


  • Are you worked to the bone, struggle to get enough sleep, barely breaking even and wondering how to get your business goals on track? 

  • Do you remember when you first entered into business what your dreams were for this adventure? 

  • If you want more out of your business and the ability to reclaim your life, then register for a Wave Wednesday Workshop today.

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