SAISIR is an Australian owned and operated business, with a global connection.  Our aim is to offer you perspectives of a changing world for you to move more fluently and successfully into the future.  Once upon a time only larger companies would consider new markets, and international trade, yet today it is possible to embrace endless considerations to improve and grow your venture with knowledge and access to almost anywhere. The name 'SAISIR' is French for 'within your reach' and as such we aim to provide you with a wider view of each section of your business and assist you to hone the various areas of your enterprise to grow more strategically and simplistically.  Here are just some of our services which can be booked online:-

Step up your game with a Business Plan created to meet your needs, to leap into the future with confidence and clear direction.  We create the plan with you, not just for you, ensuring maximum benefit because you set the course.  Designed by MBA qualified providers.  Specific purpose plans available to map out your growth goals, and/or grant lodgements, financial and/or investor purposes.

You have put your heart and soul into your operation, but the many changing dynamics have threatened your ongoing existence.  Rather than close up and lose all the capital worth you have created, discover new perspectives from experienced strategists to refresh, renew and regenerate your passion or to capture and transition your efforts to a new dimension.

'If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work and give orders.  Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.' (Antoine De Saint-Exupery).  To develop an efficient team requires planning, direction, trust and accountability.  SAISIR Strategists can provide you with the structure layout to provide the direction for your team to thrive and eventually free you to lead the business, instead of having to always be in the drivers seat.

Trademarks are the security you need to help protect your intellectual property and to provide the peace of mind you are not impinging on another.  Registration of a business name (ABN) or company name (ACN) is not sufficient.  Let our global trademark experts guide you.

Reaching your target audience takes skill, knowledge and consistency.  With digital, being a phenomenal machine to reach a wider audience, it can seem easy.  In reality, the communication mix is imperative to striking a healthy balance to connect with your audience with authenticity and to emphasise your USP.  Aim to make your competitors irrelevant with better marketing performance.

To lead is to empower others to function in your absence.  Taking a business forward successfully into the 21st Century requires stamina, perseverance, knowledge, skill and instinct.  Most of all though, it requires you to trust, not only yourself, but others.  Developing you to feel confident and capable to seamlessly bring a mulit-cultured, multi-generational, multi-skilled workforce into the 21st century with a common goal is what we do best at SAISIR.  Join the move to become a Maverick Today.

Let our team of professional and experienced graphic designers prepare a synchronsed style for your entrepreneurial adventure, which pops both online and off.  Quality branding creates familiarity, which provides the consumer with a sense of trust for your offerings over your competitors. 

The idea of being in business is continual and sustainable growth.  To achieve this an efficient and connected team is a must.  Understanding which roles need to be created, and how to attract the attention of those best suited, plus preparing the acquisition, effective engagement, induction, initial training, montioring and transitioning phases seamlessly is a key service at SAISIR.