One of the most powerful lessons learned involves the use of choice.

SAISIR provides environments where you have the ability to choose your level of challenge, and how to assess what is and isn’t an appropriate level of challenge, promoting new perspectives for you to make positive decisions for business and life.  Our goal is to encourage activities which instigate you to think differently about your enterprise development and outcome pathways.  We do this via addressing the the topics which are relevant to you at your level of business and incorporating your input, rather than just generalised conversations.  

Effective facilitation is like a catylst in a chemical reaction.  When a catalyst is added, it accelerates a reaction and encourages the formation of a new compound.  At SAISIR we know that curiousity, motivation, inspiration and adrenalin are powerful catalysts to encourage change to happen.  Our activities embody all of these.  While our activities are fun and engaging, our facilitators understand they have a vital role to play to assist you to reach new heights.


We aim to foster the enjoyment, growth and success for you and all participants by accommodating different learning styles in an experiential learning process.  The combination of auditory, visual and bodily-kinesthetic stimuli focuses students' attention with greater meaning to allow information to be absorbed.  

1. Learning is best through EXPERIENCE that includes the whole mind and body with all its emotions, senses and receptors.

2.  Learning is CREATION, not consumption. Learning happens when a learner integrates new knowledge and skill into his or her existing structure of self.

3.  COLLABERATION aids learning. A genuine learning community is always better for learning than a collection of isolated individuals.

4.  Learning takes place on many levels SIMULTANEOUSLY. The brain thrives when it is challenged to do many things at once.

5.  Learning comes from doing the work itself with FEEDBACK. The real and concrete are far better teachers than the hypothetical and abstract—provided there is time for total immersion, feedback and reflection.

6.  POSITIVE emotions greatly improve learning. Learning that is stressful, painful, and dreary can’t hold a candle to learning that is joyful, relaxed, and engaging.

7.  The IMAGE brain absorbs information instantly and automatically. Concrete images are easier for the brain to grasp than verbal abstractions.


  • To increase the sense of personal confidence.

  • To increase mutual support within a group.

  • To develop abilities that contribute to group decision-making and leadership.

  • To foster appreciation and respect for differences existing within a group.

  • To develop an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of real world business problem-solving.


Contemporary Adventure Education has applied the tenents of experiential learning since the 1930's.  In spite of trends, experiential learning has never been abandoned. Rather, it has been nurtured and developed by leaders in learning: David Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle, Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, and Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence.

Eric Jensen reports In his book Learning with the Body in Mind how current brain research that recognizes experiential education's impact on learning,   recognizing the importance of emotions, body memory, low threat and high challenge exercise.

To be successful as an entrepreneur, the technicalities of your operation are not enough.  It is imperative to compete in this now global, digital and AI world demanding greater outcomes for not only you, but your community through responsible leadership involves the need to also be creative and use critical thinking skills.  SAISIR Programs create a synergy between technology, art and adventure to assist you to best develop your entrepreneurship processes and abilities and expose you to you to new levels of achievement you may not have once thought possible.

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