Small Group or Tailored mentoring programs to suit your business goals.

Are you ready to find your business mojo?

[Find new pathways to navigate the many competing demands of business.]


Monday Maverick



40 min weekly session

for those who seek clear direction and guidance to move past the challenges and reach new heights and enable you to create the life and income a free spirited soul envisages.



FROM 5 July, 2021


1:1 Online




(Members Rate Available)

You know what you want to achieve and now is the time to gain the support to streamline the process for improved momentum. 

With the right guidance you can reach your desired destination sooner with a friendly, relaxed and qualified mentor tailoring a program to your needs.

Define the Leader Within



Groups Online



$99 monthly

(Members Rate Available)

Gain added insight with professional feedback and group support,  empowering you to facilitate the success you are striving for, with a sense of calm amidst the fastest period of change in the history of humankind.

7am Create: Startup

8am Automate: Streamline

9am Replicate: Growth



FROM 6 July, 2021


Business Couples  Mentoring Online


(Members Rate Available)

When in partnership as a spouse the dynamics of operating a business require a different level of support.   Knowing each others skills and value and how to best apply them in sync with one another can be complex.  Simplify the process by creating a shared vision of business and life objectives for clear outcomes. 



Online Consulting





Success relies on the ability to multi-task, juggle competing demands, and prioritize among equals, but more importantly, it requires you, as the leader, to lead with a sense of calm and assurity.

To determine how we may best assist you to gain momentum for your endeavours, book a one-time Free 20 minute Online Snap-Shot Session with a Mojo Mentor today.  We will guide you as to whether you are ready to move into the next zone with your business and, if so determined, together we will assess which mentoring program options may best suit you and your venture.  Register Now

Love what you do and you want to be able to keep doing it, then discover new perspectives and guidance about how.   Many business operators have created ventures, which seem to have gained some traction since launching, but often as the pace appears to pick up, the gaps become more apparent.  Addressing new ways to manage can be challenging.  If you want to achieve more from your business, discover realistic and sustainable strategies for development and growth of the your operation.  Aim for seemless co-ordination between the core offerings and the internal functioning with streamlined management for reaching improved life, family and business goals. 


At Mojo Mentors we understand the heart and soul you have invested to bring your creation this far.  Qualified, relaxed and experienced mentors assist you to develop each area of your enterprising project, while also encouraging you to capture your capital worth.  Protecting and utilising your intellectual property as part of your capital value is often an undervalued concept and therefore overlooked or underdeveloped in the planning process.  Now globalisation and digitalisation is upon us, the only constant is change and managing change in your business has never been easier with access to the right strategies to implement. Everything takes time though, so understanding which areas to prioritise is critical to hit the mark at the right times for the best outcomes.  At Mojo Mentors we aim to assist you to simplify your business for maximum gains, whilst transitioning you from a business operator to an entrepreneurial mindset where quality leadership becomes the main focus for more strategic responses, rather than only working tirelessly every day.  You matter as the leader and our Saisir Strategists are committed to empowering you to find your 'Mojo'.