Order and Creativity

The sound of the ocean is profound and yet it can be heard with clarity and calmness from any distance via the design of a simple shell.   To be able to share nature's epic brilliance with others across the globe can bring hope and a spark of enthusiasm to visit the sea in all its glory. 

SAISIR Speakers aim to also inspire, with messages which are clear and encouraging for every entrepreneur in every town and city.  The focus is to assist each to gain a clearer vision to share with those around, changing lives for the better in the smallest and most powerful ways.  By nature we are creative, yet from our first years at school we are trained to use the less creative side of our brains to give way to structure and order, to supposedly better manage all that life throws at us.  At SAISIR the goal is to strike a balance between the two:  order and creativity.



the Tide

Entrepreneurship is a fundamental cornerstone of every economy and everyone is capable of being an entrepreneur from the basis of our psyche alone.  Creating desire to take the path less known and wander into the wilderness of change can be daunting, unless guided by those with humility and understanding of what can be expected on the journey ahead.   Those who are best prepared are the most likely to reach their destination and have their enterprise survive to conquer another day, year, decade or even milennium with even greater possibilities and spark then it originally began.  SAISIR Speakers aim to instill this very confidence of how to make it across the rocky shores ahead and with the ability to capture the meaning of each challenge, turning the tide to each voyager's advantage. 



Whether you are an event organiser, a corporation, governmental department or business manager, understanding your leadership style, team, market and community with a a view to become more effective holistically in each field is where SAISIR speakers can assist you.  Whether you are searching for:

Audience Participation

How to be More Effective Entrepreneurially

Team Engagement for Increased Efficiencies

Sales Enhancement

Extraordinary Marketing Planning and Application, or

Customer Service 'Vavoom' SAISIR we can determine a strategy to add to your event and create a significant impact for your audience to gain from.  

Keynote Speaker

Donna Johnston, MBA (Ent. Mngt)

Mesmerize your Audience by connecting with the soul of who they really are and the heart of who they are serving.  Each generation matters and understanding the difference of how, where, when and why the variant groups live, work and play can only enhance entrepreneurs in their pursuit for improved outcomes and greater results. 


Donna brings an unrivalled vibrancy to your group as she enlightens minds to understand how they tick, as leaders and amongst those who drive their business outcomes.  A new awareness will be revealed about the why behind business motivations and the how of the operating in the 21st century in the local and international spectrums.   Each presentation utilises techniques to involve attendees directly and indirectly, combined with case study application and up to the moment research.  A functional application of the different chains of thought from across the globe is delivered.

It is Donna's aim to interpret your goals for your event and ensure each participant gains realistic, inspirational and liberating concepts they will want to immediately apply to their ventures.  It will be literally impossible not to.  Psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, and simple common senses provide the foundation of the perspectives offered.  The focus being to provoke thought leadership of the change makers with topic options of:

The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

Selling to the Generations

Customer Service Point of Difference

The Centered Leader

Organisational Culture

Invoking Sustainable Team Engagement in the    21st Century

Capitalising on the Hidden Capital Within

Burn-Out is a Dirty Word

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Donna's Bio

Being in business is an amazing journey for those who dare.  It requires a certain mindset to achieve the phenomenal heights that are possible.  Skills can be learnt, but having the gumption to stay the course, no matter how difficult the track is, is admirable, but often requires redirectional thinking to be able to step back from the plough and reap the most important rewards. 


Reaching a level of sustainability over the long term needs entrepreneurs who are flexible, innovative and have their finger on the pulse, without feeling the need to micro manage.  To do so, requires trust in self and those around them.  Syncing a team, a community and customers to your vision and ensuring the vision is rolled out systematically and with forethought, to how best affect all involved, can and will involve sharp learning curves.  Donna has lived and breathed these curves, some at a record pace and others more slow and steady.  She is a major advocate of some things can be taught, others have to be experienced to learn, but nevertheless with age can often come wisdom and wisdom is of most value when shared. 

Donna's passion is inspiring in others the full meaning of entrepreneurship and all how they are capable of achieving same.  With the world evolving at a rapid rate, Donna believes it is integral to the enjoyment of life, as we know it, to gain clearer thought about the possibilities, literally now at our fingertips, and how to best embrace all the potential we are gifted with for better self, community and world.  Her career includes completing a Master of Business, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management, with the Australian Institute of Business.  During these studies she has formulated all her years of experience in business management into channelled thoughts to share with others. 


From her formative years, when she first left school, Donna has had the privilege of being lead by amazing leaders in a range of industries and fields.  These initially include retail, hospitality, not-for-profits, tourism, sports, events and entertainment,  and eventually law and property.    Later entering transport and logistics, building and construction, education and finance.  This broad insight has enabled Donna to reflect, review and recognise the patterns that are relevant to all businesses, large and small.  She has witnessed first hand these business functions and personally applied as many as a manager and owner.  These include, but are not limited to how to best incorporate strategies that work for teams in every age group, cultural, creed and qualification to achieve a more harmonious sync, allowing greater individual satisfaction for all involved and improved results for the organisations they are employed/contracted by. 

As effective as these concepts can be, it is paramount for leaders to understand the only constant is change, and it is not just a cliche.  Assisting teams with varied needs through change can be demanding and either complimentary or distracting to whole team outcomes, ultimately affecting the bottom line.  Donna believes there is no book, no system and no formula which can improve team and leader outcomes more than understanding self and how you can best effect those you lead better. 


This mechanism of the entrepreneurial dynamism happens by connecting with a balanced approach of heart first, allowing open and caring minds to understanding the needs of who your decisions and behaviour affects most.  Learning to look past the figures, past the daily demands of business and life and opening yourself to the belief in people at their best, is the only way to travel this road of entrepreneurship with the ability to embrace wealth as it transpires in all its many facets.  Unless balanced with a strong and connected vision and flexibility for application, then the road ahead can become a lot more rocky.  Vision combined with insight and strategy becomes a powerful tool in an age of globalisation and digitalisation.  The sounds and sight of the ocean is refreshing when we take the time to understand how to prepare and navigate the course ahead.  Being an entrepreneur is equally refreshing when you have better insight to what lies before you.  

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