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Inspiring Innovative Leaders

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in the 21st Century

Donna has collaborated with Event Organisers, Councils, Government Departments, Education Services, Industry Groups, Interest Groups and Clubs and a wide range of Organisations for many years, to inspire groups and create a mindshift, regarding topics around community, leadership, management, business and entrepreneurship.

Participants that take part in Events of one day or longer receive content related eBooks which enable ongoing study after the event. These events may include Seminars, Retreats or Workshops.

Events are tailored to suit the Hosts specific client focus, which may range from Creative Life motivation, Project Management, Growth, Team Building, Corporate Entrepreneurial Mindset, and on and off-line Community engagement techniques, as only a few options.


Donna Johnston, MBA (Ent Mngt), is a passionate entrepreneur, strategist, publisher, speaker, author, and advocate for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, beginning with encouraging leaders finding balance in self.  She believes in creating leaders who believe in themselves enought to feel confident to trust in transferring skills, in order to build upon the power of teams, together with the use of quality systems of support through implementation of technology with accountability.  This synergy can create jobs, rather than stifle them is her philosophy. 

With over 25 years of working with teams and in management across numerous industries, including not-for-profit organisations, Donna is able to provide reflection on what works and what doesn't.  She can offer insights to save time, money and soul from being consumed, and instead provide a strategic blueprint to remain motivated throughout the entrepeneurial journey, combined with ideas to boost productivity and improve outcomes for business and leaders.  Plus the why, how and when a range of approaches can make the difference to prevent burnout of leaders, teams and businesses.   Beginning as a spokesperson of community values from her early teens, it has been a primary life time goal to inspire others to discover all they are and can be via a mindshift of how we view self, family and community and embracing all the 21st century with optimism, throughout the challenges of adversity, to become more resilient and at the same time adaptable to the only constant being change.  This is the era of the fastest period of change in the history of human kind, prioritising our enterprise milestones has never been more important to manage change and progress simultaneously.  









































Inspirational Talks

Donna has a series of motivational talks that can be delivered consecutively at a wide range of public events including Educational, Council, Industry and Libraries, Clubs, Corporate and Not-for-Profit public events. Talks are between 1 and two hours plus Q&A to suit each situation.  Talk topics can also be tailored to suit the specific interests of a group.
Suitable for all skill levels ages 15+

Event Host

An engaging speaker, who connects with audiences through sharing relevant and authentic stories and insights on the road to building a loyal corporate culture, and developing leaders who inspire and motivate by being inspirational.  Donna is versatile for hosting various public events for businesses, such as product launches, road shows, corporate dinner & dance, sponsored marathons, as well as industry events - including fashion shows, awards, galas and more.

Venue:  Aimee Provence, Buderim

Event:  Kai Magazine Product Launch High Tea

Presenter:  Donna Johnston, MBA (Ent Mngt) Founder, Strategist & Editor - Saisir/Kai Magazine 

Speakers: Sam Rizzo Salon Director, Internationally Acclaimed - Head in the Clouds, Buderim, Wei Chen Principal - Panda Talk, Aimee Russell Proprietor - Aimee Provence, Alex Palombo Travel Writer - Laska Baby Travel

Audience:  South East Business Owners and Managers, Government and Educational Representatives from Queensland and South Australia

Videographer:  Dan Russell








Guest Speaker

To energise a crowd, inspire them, support the event themes, add value by sharing insider knowledge, offer a new perspective, break up the more routine aspects of the event, book Donna for your next event for a dynamic outcome.

Venue: @Shangri-la Marina Cairns

Event:  @fashiquerunway

Presenter: MC: Yolande Entsch @ewec_empoweringwomen 

Guest Speakers:  Donna Johnston Editor -  Kai Magazine,  Lesley Van Staveren Confidence Coach Author - Scalable Skills, 

Topic:  Profile of Event Curator: Cheryl Creed, Founder & Designer of Murrii Quu Couture

(Internationally recognised and 2020 National finalist designer, 2021 Cairns Business Award Winner)

Audience:  Invited Cairns Indigeneous and Multicultural Fashion Designers, Entrepeneurs, Not-for-Profit Managers, and Cairns Community 


MURRII QUU COUTURE Designer:  Cheryl Creed

WANGULLAY LABEL  Designer: Raelea Wangullay Connolly-Neal  Creek Bed Collection

FIASCOANDPHOENIX Designer: Lucy Miller


Photo Credit: @trentwhite_photo @cairnslocalnews

Choreography: @fnqdanceacademy  Models: Shenetty Makoti (photo 1) and Corina S Reuben (photo 2) 

Other models in attendance: Kuntida Wilson  Corina S Reuben  Emily Thomas  Felicity Reid  Tessa Beswick  Brooke Mackrill 

Gillyba Ambrum Lilani Hale Kimberley Andrews  Savannah Bond @ing_model @emilygailthomas @amakaykay @xxblue_queenxx

Hair & MAU: Radi8byMel reynaybeauty

Headline Entertainment  SHAKAYA  Naomi Wenitong & Simone Stacey













Donna hosts highly engaging Seminar Events that range in length from half day, one and two days; the latter usually have practical components.  eBooks are included free of charge for all two-day Seminars Events.


Retreats are single location live-in events and may range in length from two to five days in length.  Retreats may be based at resorts or live-aboard boats. The content revolves around Seminar Sessions, experiential learning activities and can include 1:1 mentoring.  Participants are encouraged to bring their computers, mobile phones and camera kits.  The six Module eBooks are included and are the primary resource to the learning experience.


Workshops are a blend of seminar sessions and practical field exercises. They may run from half-day, full-day and or over a two-day weekend.  Usually hosted in between a structured indoor setting and preferably where there are natural settings to engage in a mix of modality offerings.


Donna is an engaging speaker at industry events, works extensively with entrepreneurs to focus on growth strategies, with a particular emphasis on care of self as a leader and being innovative, organised and authentic.

Venue:  University of Sunshine Coast, Petrie Campus

Audience: Pine Rivers Chamber of Commerce

Sponsor: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Keynote Speaker: Donna Johnston, MBA (Ent Mngt)

Title: Covid19 Recovery for Business

Topics:  Engagement via Authenticity, Innovation and Leadership























Donna is adamant entrepreneurship can change society for the better and should be encouraged more.  Her aim is to bring more light to the benefits of developing strategies to nuture creativity throughout each age group, beginning as early as the formative years of schooling, including early childhood.    Allowing children to view the possibilities and excitement of being an entrepreneur, instead of only pambering to structural teachings in the schooling system about what can often be presented as a dry topic. 


Donna strongly applies the premise of vision being the guiding force, to stir and support innovative dreams from youth and through every generation.  She proposes greater investment is required from governments at every level to persuade entrepreneurs to upskill, for not only how to set up for startup functions of their business, but to understand how to develop improved strategies for growth and sustainability.  With an average of 80% of business stopping operations in the first year and the low percentage who make through to firve years, there is a massive amount of room for improvement in how the community, society as a whole and our structural support systems encourage and empower those amongst us who are brave enough to follow their passions and step out of the norm to become leaders.  It can be a lonely road at each stage of the business process, and it is the encouragement surrounding entreprenuers which can keep them riding the wave of determination to achieve.    


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