Everlane  US

Focused on Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency.

Minimal modern aesthetics

Mens & Womens

Apparel, accessories & shoes

Check out their factory



Mayamiko  UK

Fair Trade Certified, artisan-made clothing, PETA-approved vegan, organic lines, women's empowerment

Colourful printed ethical clothing

Women’s apparel & accessories

Malawi 'Trade not Aid' model.


Naadam (New York USA)

Ethical Mongolian cashmere

Women's and men's cashmere sweaters, robes, and loungewear

Producing only the finest cashmere goods at a fraction of the price of luxury brands, since they operate direct-to-consumer. 


Their ultra-soft cashmere is hand brushed from the goats (which is better for the goats), and is Cradle to Cradle certified, which sets a high standard to protect the people and resources involved in production. Plus, they help support nomadic herding families in Mongolia and provide veterinary care to their goats.


Monsta Surf  Australia

Surf Wear & Accessories

Only created 5 years ago by a 20 year old Melbourne guy, who lived 2 hours from any surf, with only one surfboard.  Together with his global team a connection has formed to build a tribe of followers, by their passion to live without limits, dream without fear and live passionately in every moment.

Across 45 countries and growing with authenticity, integrity and ethical direction.


UNITED BY BLUE  Philadelphia, PA  USA


Recycled and organic materials
Eco-friendly outdoor clothing for men& women & accessories

For each product sold, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through their clean up initiatives.

8 million tons of plastic enter oceans each year. Plastic bottles alone make up 1.5 million tons of plastic waste annually. 

Plastics and other litter ultimately end up in the world’s gyres, or circulating ocean currents, and can turn into dense vortexes of trash. The most famous marine trash heap, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is twice the size of Texas.

They help organise cleanups, not just write the checks and proactively create products that use responsible materials (like recycled polyester, which reuses plastic bottles so they won’t wind up in gyres).

Good Day Girl  Sydney  Australia


Ensuring fairness to all in the textiles industry. The label has a made-to-order system, which means no wastage. 

Made to order style, limited only by edition.  Orders are by Seasonal Trunk Fashion Shows at set locations and online.

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