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What is the MAVERICK Directory?

Available throughout Australia - SAISIR Management Consulting Services and Events provide focus on the individuals at the forefront of entrepreneurial pursuits, rather than just the business structure alone.  Leadership is an understated quality and a skill which can be acquired and improved upon, and our entrepreneurial community is continuously seeking guidance and services from those at the forefront of their professions.  Leadership applies to each aspect of the management cycle in every operation.  It is the goal of SAISIR to encourage business owners and managers to develop ventures which have the capacity to become independent of themselves, to the varying degrees they desire, and to ascertain a balanced life.  Ideally, achieving a better balance can enable each leader to be able to have the time to reflect, refresh and innovate in order to compete more efficiently, provide improved services, increase revenue and margins and grow sustainably, whilst maintaining the passion, dreams and drive they commenced the business with. 


Each of those entrepreneurs seeking to improve require a holistic approach and a range of various specialists in their fields to lead the way and assist them.  If you are a Maverick in your field with exemplary services and experience, which can compliment the SAISIR range, we invite you to select a category in the Maverick Directory and apply to upload your details for start ups, new entrants, seasoned entrepreneurs and those aiming to exit their business, allowing a portal for those searching to be able to contact you direct.and consider whether your expertise is a fit with their goals.   


Business involves many moving parts and locating and determining which services can best assist entrepreneurs to evolve in an ever changing market place can be difficult and cumbersome.  By registering your business in the Maverick Directory you will streamline the process, saving Australia's small and medium sized leaders time and effort, equalling cost savings to move their business to the next stage.  The SAISIR website and magazine, Kai (due to be published in late October, 2018 quarterly online in 6 different languages and in print across Australia), provides a comprehensive collection of resources with a plethora of interesting stories, strategies, tips and topics to meet the needs of those with spirit and courage setting the base of our economic powerhouse domestically and internationally. Note:  Advertising in Kai Magazine is not included as part of the Maverick Directory.  Kai is an extension of SAISIR and therefore offers additional reach of the Maverick Directory.

The team at SAISIR are management and business experts with extensive experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship in Australia and abroad and are dedicated to providing intriguing and effective ideas to spark continued  inspiration for entrepreneurs and and exceptional results to our advertisers.

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Each category has limited space, so to ensure a space on this dynamic new directory we recommend registering early.  If you would like to enquire regarding your category’s availability or have any questions, of course we’re always happy to help.  

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